Astral Projection

Deck Wizards – By Tsuyoshi by Various Artists Future Music Records is proud to present ‘Deck Wizards’ compiled by Tsuyoshi Suzuki. Influenced by the 90’s style of deep psychedelic music, the VA features 11 reimagined classics with fresh twists. The ‘Deck Wizards’ series title is used by kind permission of John Phantasm/Phantasm Records.

Kundalinis 4th EP with BMSS is a reworking of an epic track by “Astral Projection”. 20 years ago Astral Projections “Power Gen” set dance floors all over the world on fire. In 2019 we are happy to present you a modernized remix of this true Goa Trance classic. This cleverly updated version has Kundalini”s signature kick… [read more]

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