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Beyond our dreams by Symbolic Symbolic presents us with a perfectly crafted progressive tune leaving us in imagination beyond our dreams.!!

Wilderness by magik, braincell Magik & Braincell combine their vast studio knowledge along with massive dancefloor exposure from around the globe to cook us this psychedelic wilderness filled journey to get our right juices flowing for the summer festival adventures.

Poison by Djantrix Djantrix churns out a tune reminding us to look after our planet, a composition highlighting the eventual bi-product of today’s capitalistic world, perhaps one man’s poison is another man’s medicine? well lets find out in this smashing single!!

Reversed Dreams by reversed logic, soul link In many ancient societies, dreams were considered as a way to have divine communication & intervention to the worlds we cannot perceive otherwise, sometimes perhaps a human’s projection to the divine is so strong that the link is reversed and the dreamer can manifest it into reality calling them «Reversed Dreams»

Chemical Potential by Ilai, Spectra Sonics Chemical Potential! With the outburst of chemistry and the dynamics behind it, Ilai & SpectraSonics from two different corners of the globe team-up and present a well crafted tale trying to deduce the potential it holds for the future & beyond!

Tribal Earth (Undercover Remix) by Petra, Undercover Undercover bring their massive cutting edge sound and bouncy futuristic bass into the remake of Petra’s hit track Tribal Earth leaving us with this massive floor exploding remix.

Broken Symmetry by Digital Om Productions TRISTATE -The Austrian duo again delivers their very unique approach to modern dance music, redefining their own style as «BROKEN SYMMETRY»The EP includes a brand new remix to Sonic Species trademark track «Generation X» and a solo production named «Broken Symmetry». The two tracks couldn’t be more different, still presenting a functional unit, literally a broken symmetry.

Radio Technology by lunatica OUT NOW on Digital Om!

Smoke River by out of range, roger rabbit

Universal Progressions by Digital Om Productions In times when people talk about obituaries about genres and are saying that psychedelic progressive is going dead, we took up Inspiration and challenge to put up a compilation staying true to day time melodic, driving & very groovy progressive vibe.  Universal Progressions showcases some of the very established artists alongside some very fresh talents emerging from… [read more]

Sonic Signals by neuromotor In the midst of energy exchange between the electric-wave and the magnetic-wave, veteran artist Neuromotor sends some signals through the Sonic Spectrum targetted straight towards the neurons!!Also features a sonic composition along with Braindriver in ressonance to our beautiful planet called «Organic Orbit».

Sleepwalkers by maitika,zatzak,spirit gate «You ever have that feeling where you’re not sure if you’re awake or still dreaming?» Maitika, Spirit Gate & Zatzak team up with the freshest of ideas from deep sleep to bring you SLEEPWALKERS EP consisting 3 massively produced tunes 

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