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1000 Kisses by out of range Out of Range brings you another smashing single, dwell into the nostalgia of storytelling, a driving tale of the cosmos sending a thousand kisses.

Welcome to the Psyblasterz  — An  exquisite selection no non-sense pure psychedelic trance music surpassing the boundaries of day & night, guaranteed to break the dancefloor! Compiled by the selector-in-chief Lunatica featuring top quality tunes by artists & friends of Digital Om.

Quantic Fields by lunatica, hujaboy Hujaboy teams up with Lunatica, energy and momentum are transferred, what we perceive in this track as sonic particles are in fact excitations of the Quantic Fields!

Source Control by roger rabbit Love is the basis of all that is good, Roger Rabbit breaks it down to present you the Source Code to all Solution which of course is Love!

Infected by Digital Om Productions Moving along the summer festival season, Middle Mode & Spectra Sonics present a tribute to the idea of being «Infected» with the psychedelic bug, the one that connects all beings alike in the magnificent cosmos!

You have the choice by Zephrius Kane, Ital Super combo of our all time favorite Ital & master sound technician Zephirus Kane to bring «You Have The Choice», a driving groovy tune deciphering the analogy of free will!!

Universal Frequencies. Vol. 8 by Various Artists – Digital Om Productions Closing the half circle of smashing year 2019. Digital Om comes back with Vol 8. of their re-releases compilation Universal Frequencies. An exquisite selection of dance-floor smashing hits A must-have for every music listener .. tune in to Universal Frequencies Volume 8!

Micro Music by sonic species, relativ Micro Music is made up of extremely small intricate sonic particles crafted in conjunction with the cosmos after a lot of permutations and combinations put together, presented by Sonic Species & Relativ!!

Damaged by roger rabbit The capacity to be fixed always exceeds to that what is Damaged, An audio story by Roger Rabbit blending frequencies of damaged sonic waves.

Outer Rim by atacama Atacama comes back with Outer Rim EP, The largest region in the galaxy, a home to diverse worlds and rugged, primitive frontier planets, a tale from a journey in space & time!Tracklist

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