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Broken Symmetry by Digital Om Productions TRISTATE -The Austrian duo again delivers their very unique approach to modern dance music, redefining their own style as «BROKEN SYMMETRY»The EP includes a brand new remix to Sonic Species trademark track «Generation X» and a solo production named «Broken Symmetry». The two tracks couldn’t be more different, still presenting a functional unit, literally a broken symmetry.

Radio Technology by lunatica OUT NOW on Digital Om!

Smoke River by out of range, roger rabbit

Universal Progressions by Digital Om Productions In times when people talk about obituaries about genres and are saying that psychedelic progressive is going dead, we took up Inspiration and challenge to put up a compilation staying true to day time melodic, driving & very groovy progressive vibe.  Universal Progressions showcases some of the very established artists alongside some very fresh talents emerging from […]

Sonic Signals by neuromotor In the midst of energy exchange between the electric-wave and the magnetic-wave, veteran artist Neuromotor sends some signals through the Sonic Spectrum targetted straight towards the neurons!!Also features a sonic composition along with Braindriver in ressonance to our beautiful planet called «Organic Orbit».

Sleepwalkers by maitika,zatzak,spirit gate «You ever have that feeling where you’re not sure if you’re awake or still dreaming?» Maitika, Spirit Gate & Zatzak team up with the freshest of ideas from deep sleep to bring you SLEEPWALKERS EP consisting 3 massively produced tunes 

Life Changes by ital Ital teams up with Twelve Sessions to bring you the sonic subliminal message about the shift in conciousness and life as we know it!

The Creator by Digital Om Productions Often called the Creator, is a deity or god responsible for the creation of the Earth, world, and universe in human mythology. This EP by V Society is dedicated to this phenomenon also featuring a remix by him of the infamous track by Mad Maxx & CPU — “Shiva on Acid”Enjoy this plurality of innovative soundscapes with intensive driving and uploading melodies which V-Society is known for!!Tracklist

Southern Lights by Digital Om Productions Faders team up with veteran Israeli legend Hujaboy to bring us this track filled fully of Goa Sounds uniquely placed in between the cutting age bassline and titled Southern Lights.

Energy Future by freak control Quantum physicists are finding more evidence that everything is energy at the most fundamental levels!This release by Freak Control peers into this nature of reality.

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