Wrecked Machines

Gabe entered the electronic scene in 2000, while working in the Galeria Ouro Fino, then the temple of electronic music in Brazil, where he had contact with the most renowned DJs. At the same time, he started producing at Play Station and a few months later released his first song on Magma Records in Italy.

He was invited to join Etnicanet and started performing as Wrecked Machines, in countries like Japan, Germany, South Africa, Israel, Portugal and Mexico. In April 2003 he produced ‘Worried World’ , his first vinyl record and in June of that year produced ‘Blink’, his first album, both released by Etnicanet (Ibiza) and Solstice Music (Japan).

This international debut made a great impact and took him to prominent events around the world. Today, Wrecked Machines is considered as one of the main revelations of the Brazilian Psytrance scene in recent years, and is the first Brazilian project to be established in the international arena. Hits such as ‘Trancespotting’ and ‘Rounders’ became a world-wide phenomena, their second album ‘Second Thought’ , released on Spun Records and Solstice Music marked the maturity of the project and firmly placed a Brazilian Psy-trance act among the biggest names in world psytrance for the first time.

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