Shay started out creating varied styles of electronic music as Tushita after his studies in synthesis and sound design. His Shayman project started in 2011 and he released his much acclaimed debut album Landing on the Moon in 2013 on Nano Records.

He has also had successful releases on Iboga, HOMmega and Dacru, and has rocked some major festival dancefloors such as : Boom, S.U.N. , Wonderland and Twisted festival.

His productions have a unique cutting edge freshness that stands out from the crowd. Streamlined beats overlayed with mind-bending melodies. Deep, euphoric and highly psychedelic musical magic to help us bounce into 2017…

He joined the Zero One Music in March of 2017, and his first release, a two track EP, Monogame was released in May 2017.

Current track