Red Eye Jedi is Stephanus Johannes, from South Africa, based in Denmark in one of the world’ s last true hippie communities.

He has been producing electronic music since 2002 being  part of the Parvati Family since 2006.

Red Eye Jedi seeks inspiration in nature and life but most of all in the boiling hotpot of the nighttime dancefloor, where there is no difference between madness and tranquility.
Red Eye Jedi music is party music! Rythmic grooves, growling basslines and fractal leads mixes the essence of tribal extacy with futuristic high fidelity: try to imagine cavemen in ufos!

Red Eye Jedi aims to please and at the same time to provoke the mindset of his listeners into new directions, expanding counsiouness through music.

His music is best enjoyed outdoors but it can transform your perception of a dull clubbing environment into a safehaven for mindexpansion.

His first solo EP – Cernunnos was released during the summer 2016.

So open your ears, turn off your ego and let you freakflag fly high!

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