Onkel Dunkel is the musical alter ego of Monno, producer, mastering engineer, synth lover and sound designer. Born and raised in Denmark, he has been involved with music one way or another since his late teens. First as a bass player at the age of 17, but the introduction to Psychedelic Trance lead to him ditching his bass and getting into computers and synthesizers. Fast forward a couple of years and the project Grapes of Wrath was born.

Together with his partner in crime Jaffa they were on a mission to make harder edged music than most were doing at the time. This culminated in the seminal split album with Meteloids: “Tits on Fire” Released on Parvati Records in 2004 and considered a milestone release for that label. Since 2006 Monno has mainly released music as Onkel Dunkel and his second album “Connections” Was released in June 2017.

Comprised of only tracks with friends that came for a visit in the studio, it´s a mix of influences spanning far and wide.

After a busy summer he is now back in the studio working on new material to keep your synapses firing at maximum.

Best enjoyed loud in mild climates, no expiry date.

Current track