As a direct spawn of the Amsterdam psychedelic influence in the 90’s, Liftshift has characterized himself with a crisp, colorful and Psychedelic sound. Since 2005 he has been releasing on the big labels like: Flow Records, Spin-twist, Neurobiotic and Sourcecode amongst many others.

In the past years Liftshift has been busy touring the globe extensively to major festival like: Ozora, Boom festival, Rainbow Serpent festival, Universo Paralello, Fusion and Exit festival. Playing in countries like Japan, India, Brazil, Thailand and Canada makes Liftshift one of the enthusiastically received and well travelled players in the psychedelic progressive scene.

Growing up in a rich musical environment, around the age of 8 Eric found himself already highly focussed on music. Anything that would make sounds and rattle up noise would have his attention. After learning his way on a guitar he discovered the ways of music. At the tender age of 14 he was playing in a band with his mates, hitting the stages of local bars and parties leaving teenagers aroused and dirty after their performances. Coming back to Amsterdam in ’94 from a year of living and playing in bands in the U.S. Eric found back his friends in the midst of a relentless Techno Epidemic.

His mates lured him into many clubs and so called awesome “house” parties, but it was not until ’95 when Eric walked into a huge warehouse party where he found his bliss. Goatrance! Soon after this Eric started spinning vinyl and went to all the places known to have records for sale. Sometimes needing to fight in a store over the last copy off a fresh Flying rhino, T.I.P. or Blue Room EP. It was Artists like X-dream, Hallucinogen, Slinky Wizard and Sheyba that inspired him most at that time.

Putting up parties with his partners in crime on a scouted piece of land, a squatted 400 year old bunker or in clubs in and around Amsterdam is what got party the psychedelic fanatics familiar with his eclectic choice in music and skills behind the decks. Within no time he was playing non stop in established clubs and for the leading promoters in Holland. These successes made Eric even more hungry and restless naturally leading him on the path of studio production.

After sitting inside the studio looking over the shoulder and learning the basics from Ramon Sterman a.k.a. Cosmoon and Twisted Travelers, Eric was ready to buy his own equipment and have a go at it. In 2005 Liftshift was born and within a few years from the first day he built a reputation for tearing up dance floors worldwide and for having a wide scale of fantasy and a twisted ear for that extra pinch of psychedelics inside the progressive side of the genre. To date he has collaborated with and remixed some of the biggest names the scene has to offer to the likes of Ajja, Zen Mechanics, E-clip, Sonic Species and Allaby amongst others.

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