Amir Dvir, Started his musical career back in 97 with the project ‘Luminus’, which he released 3 albums under that name with Hommega and Phonokol Records. A few years later in the year 2000 Amir decided that he wants to take a different musical direction and he started “Illumination” project, it didnt take much time until he teamed up with one of Hommega’s founders “Xerox” and they formed the duo “Xerox & Illumination”, which they released 4 albums and played gigs all over the world for more then 10 years.

Around the year 2012 Amir started the ‘Born Sleepy’ project, his solo side project that focused on a more slower, flowing progressive music and released several tracks in labels such as Iboga, Hommega and TIP records.

Amir is also part of the duo ‘Humanoids’ which he formed together with OldSkool Goa artist ‘Sandman’ in 2014. Nowadays, Amir joined the Zero1 Label Family, coming with a new ‘Illumination’ sound, filled with analogue synths and intelligent production. his first EP is coming soon and is just a little taste of the upcoming album.

Current track