Growling Mad Scientists are Riktam Matkin and Bansi Quinteros, who regularly tour the world. They have sold over 300,000 CD’s, on over 300 releases, with 8 albums & 10 compilations.

Their music pushes and blurs sonic boundaries and has inspired both producers and punters alike, making G.M.S. one of the most in-demand live electronic music acts in the world. The Origins of G.M.S. first began when Riktam and Bansi met in a Coffee Shop around the age of 14, when they both lived in Amsterdam. Both were passionate about music and parties, so the duo chose to leave school and seek their education in the electronic music scene. This was the early ’90s and Amsterdam’s club/rave scene was in its infancy, and genres like Gabber dominated the fledgling underground culture. Two years later, Riktam and Bansi traveled to Goa and experienced a musical epiphany. After their experience in India, they returned to Amsterdam and began recording music on cassettes to bring to Goa for the next season. In Goa, Riktam and Bansi later Dj’d at some of the wildest, most memorable parties of their young lives. The experience made an unfading mark on their psyche and subsequent high voltage gigs around Europe further enlightened their spirit. It was something new for everyone and the Goa trance influence laid the bedrock for G.M.S.’s sound, which is packed with throbbing bass-lines, guitars, beats and vocals.

When Riktam and Bansi returned to Amsterdam, one of their friends had purchased some recording equipment. Not only was their production career born, so was the name of the group. The name G.M.S. defines their music; Bansi came up with the name since one of the sounds on a synth was called a growler. After a few early singles, G.M.S. unveiled its acclaimed 1997 debut album, Chaos Laboratory, which was recorded with former member Sebastian Claro, who left the group after a two-year stint. The album established G.M.S. as serious players in the Psytrance scene, yet only hinted of what was to come.

In 1997 Riktam and Bansi relocated to the sunny island of Ibiza, and their rural recording studio was built. There, inspired by regular outdoor parties and an easygoing lifestyle, they produced several albums such as The Growly Family, G.M.S. vs. Systembusters, No Rules, Tri-Ball University, The Remixes –a star-studded remix album featuring the biggest names in trance, including Infected Mushroom and and Hallucinogen. In between their relentless tour schedule that regularly finds G.M.S. performing in Europe, Asia, South and North America, Riktam and Bansi managed to complete their seventh album, Emergency Broadcast System. All of the album’s tracks have been fine-tuned at their revered live shows, and the full-length displays G.M.S. at the top of their game.

Having graduated from spinning for small parties and clubs to performing at mega-festivals, and packing huge clubs all over the world, G.M.S. aren’t ones to rest on their laurels. As their legion of followers grows, they’re constantly refining their live show and redefining their own style.

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