Ectogasmics is consisting of two halves of a brain that are constantly competing with each other, complimenting, melding together, stirring each others brew into one entity.

The signals are being pumped ahead in a twisted & trippy mood and will affect all organisms in its way with psychedelic energy, which goes straight for audiences, audial jugulars and just wont let go. Trough practical jokes using analog and digital machines & synths, after intense scrutiny and with the motivation to make people stretch every muscle of their body and brain and wiggle their third eye.

They hope that the final brew is innovative and powerful enough to feed and stimulate the most serious parts of the mind but also funny enough to be translated into a comic book strip.

In 2012 they were taken under the wing of Parvati Records, an appreciated and inspirational action, sign of gratitude, and motivating push which kicked off the next Ectogasmics chapter.

Ectogasmics are responsible for a proverbial firework of creativity that, after years of fine tuning, culminated in the next logical step on the psychedelic evolution ladder.

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