AudioUnit is the solo project of Australian based artist Brian Clark and has been performing and frequenting the festival scene since the late 90s. Brian’s love of the Australian psy-trance party scene lead him to draw on his roots as a bass player and began to develop his own brand of funky full-on psychedelic.

He went on to meet collaborative artist and wasabi brother Chromatone with in 2013 released their EP “Challenge of the Grid” Zero One Music which tore up the psy-scene with its heart pounding dance floor hits. Since then AudioUnit has been busy releasing a number of EP’s, in 2014 his first solo EP “Dirty Funkatronic”, 2015 “The Prophet” and 2016 releasing “ChromAUnit – Chair Chucking” and solo EP “Adventure Time” with the legendary NANO Records, all reaching top 5 & Top 10 on beatport’s Psy-Trance Top 100.

Recently Brian has been releasing on Future Music Records, Iboga’s new sister label which is quickly sweeping through the international scene.

Now with releases on NANO Records, Zero1-Music, Iboga, Future Music Records & 3rd eye Japan and many more, AudioUnit is becoming an Australian icon with worldwide recognition for his meticulous production and unique Full-on funky style. AudioUnit’s music is stomping the PSY dance floors across the world and has played in almost every state and territory in Australia. Featuring on the main stages for Rainbow Serpent, Maitreya, Psyfari, Dragon Dreaming and many others locally and across the world with a playing along side a plethora of artists. This veteran of the psychedelic scene will be sure to give you an experience you won’t forget.

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