Moon Tripper – Belantara

Written by on 2019-09-30

A full power psychedelic trip, Moon Tripper’s new EP “Belantara” features 2 dust-raising monsters!

The title track is a groovy ode to a magical spot in the Malaysian rainforest where a gathering of like-minded psychedelic travelers gather every year – a forest-tinged daytime blaster, the track is positively teeming with creeping psychosomatic equatorial jungle arthropods and is set to embroil the dancefloor in its dense canopy of modulated synth-lianas.

“Groovy Doobie” is a good-vibes smile-inducing psychotropic concoction in which layer-upon-layer of squelchy organic goodness coalesce to fry the listener’s brain.


01: Moon Tripper – Belantara
02: Moon Tripper – Groovy Doobie

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: BMSS

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