Tribal Lineage compiled by Boom Shankar

Written by on 2019-09-18

These tracks are Boom Shankars personal highlights of the release outcome of the past months on BMSS Records: the essence of what represents Psychedelic Trance with a drop of retro Goa Trance – a kind of return to the source in an avant-gardish and unconventional design.

It is the kind of music he loves to play during daytime at mature psychedelic gatherings. A set of unique tools to hallucinate the dancefloor and to spiral the vibe up. Tune in!

[Boom Shankar | BMSS Label Manager | September 2019]


01: Anthropod – United Front
02: Kundalini – Affirmation
03: Jirah & Random – A Maze
04: Vertical & Inverse Out – Platonic
05: Tektrix – Complete Control
06: E-Motion – Shrooms on Bass
07: PsyBuddy – Shivas Realm
08: Exolon – Dreaming about India
09: Arkadia – Samaveda
10: Triton – The z-Axis

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six Mastering]
Design: BMSS

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