E.V.P – 2119 A​.​D

Written by on 2019-08-19

Alex Diplock, the wild genius behind E.V.P (and RealityGrid) brings us his 5th and most futuristic E.V.P album to date..Aptly titled “2119A.D”

9 tracks pushing his skillset to the next dimension in sound design, floor shuddering sub frequencies and his unique style of groove; the music has been tried and tested on well seasoned revellers and wild freaks from all around the world with cosmic, wide eyed results.

He never ceases to fail to make each release something unique, encapturing multiple tastes under one big funky groove which is guaranteed to get the party alive and in full swing within the first few moments. It’s a must for lovers of Psychedelic electronic music, a wild freak show. A true wild master!
Enjoy the sounds of E.V.P. The year 2119A.D looks like it’s going to be a wild ride!

*With special thanks to Southwild and Onkel Dunkel for their wonderful input in tracks “4-0-20” and “More Bleep Less Sleep”.

Mastered by E.V.P @ Wild Mastering
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