Fantazma – Neuroritual

Written by on 2019-08-05

Exciting news at Forestdelic. Our label’s native DJ Tiann and his close friend Kaleman that you’ve seen appearing earlier on our releases are back again. Their joint venture Fantazma is a homegrown product of an extensive label collaboration to bring you the finest nuances of taste our sound is all about. Neuroritual is featuring two solo tracks, and a trio track with Kala, to spice up this months’ menu in Gail’s domestic foods restaurant with some of his favorite dishes. Maturing their sound and bringing it to new levels, Fantazma have some insightful trip advices to share with all of you this summer, which – if you’re clever enough to adhere to – can bring you to some of the most colorful areas of your minds amusing you all the while you’re there. So why starving your ears when the dinner is served and still hot? Bon appetite!


All tracks w&p by Klemen Mozetic & Jan Turk
Track No.3 with Darko Toromanoski
Cover Artwork by Joe The Glow
Mastering by Ognen Zafirovski

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