Dirty Saffi – Subculture

Written by on 2019-06-21

Bom Shanka Music is super proud to announce Dirty Saffi’s 3rd album ‘Subculture’.

Featuring 7 brand new original solo tracks, remixes of Arjuna, Tristan vs Aardvarkk, Outsiders vs Imagine Mars and Fagin’s Reject, and one collaboration with Occular, in total 12 deep and complex rocking tracks guaranteed to melt minds across the globe!

It sounds like the Dirty Saffi you fell in love with, but bigger and better, after 2 years of careful crafting and dancefloor testing, this is a future classic album.

Truly psychedelic music for the 25th century, pioneers of the UK sound, many people try to recreate but no one does it quite like Dirty Saffi. ‘Subculture’ shows a broader range from Dirty Saffi than you are used to, with BPMs ranging from 146 to 160, this is a clean sweep broad stroke, demonstrating the many talents this husband and wife team have on offer.


Mastered by Domestic
Artwork by Geomatrix Design
Presented in high definition 24bit glory (please note you will need to convert to 16bit for use in software/hardware that does not support 24bit)


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