Sabretooth – Ishkoodah

Written by on 2019-05-13

Always strong on story and theme, Sabretooth strikes again with his latest EP on BMSS. The title track evokes the tribal spirit of Ishkoodah with it’s razor-sharp acidic synths, fractal-funk grid-work and soaring melodies. “Metanoia” on the other hand is a brooding deep-dive prog-tech workout featuring rumbling cavernous bass and mechanical glitched-grooves.

Unleashed at full volume upon any day or night time dancefloor, this pair will without-a-doubt kick up a storm of dust and tribal trance.

“Many things Nokomis taught him,
Of the stars that shine in heaven;
Showed him Ishkoodah, the comet,
Ishkoodah, with fiery tresses;
Showed the Death-Dance of the spirits,
Warriors with their plumes and war-clubs.”


01: Sabretooth – Metanoia
02: Sabretooth – Ishkoodah

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: Ben Fraser

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