Loom & Friends – Messages from Anubia

Written by on 2019-04-23

“Let the music speak to the deepest part of your consciousness. Let yourself dive into this forest realm where Anubia is hidden. Have a nice journey!” Special thx to Darko, Ogi, Joe, Alberto, Kebun, Rafael, Leonardo, Stefano, Leo, Daniel, Antonis, Felipe… All my friends & all the Forestdelic Records crew for the possibility and realization of these moments printed into music. Let the freedom of expression bloom into yourself! A big hug to everyone, Nicolas.


All tracks W&P by Nicolas Marcato in collaboration with..
1.Darko Toromanoski, Ognen Zafirovski
2.Thanasis Kazanidis
3.Simon Rabler
4.Felipe Fantini Zulli
5.Alberto Padovan
6.Rafael Corrales
7.Antonis Seff
8.Leo Khan Wafayar, Stefano Balestra
9.Daniel Ritter Miller
10.Leonardo Tozzi, Rafael Corrales

Mastering by Ognen Zafirovski
Cover art by Joe the Glow

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