Lyktum – Sacred Plants Remixes

Written by on 2019-03-04

Iono-Music are excited to bring you our next release – Lyktum – ‘Sacred Plants’ the Remixes – all of which are brought to you by the winners of our recent contest. We were overwhelmed by the incredible standard of entries and have selected our 15 favourites for release!

Divergent brings a refreshing take on the track with tribal beats, mesmerizing lines, celestial pads and electro elements fused with psychedelia. TOT’s mix is an authentically deep progressive groovy number – so spiritual it penetrates your soul. Spectra Sonics delivers a fierce invigorating mix; sending super sonic waves through your body and lifting your spirit to a higher stratosphere! And Astralife’s full on frenzy is bursting with energy and drive, and a magical mystical break that then whisks you into a spellbinding spin to another realm.
Each of the 15 remixes brings something very unique to the table, yet all have successfully captured and maintained the special essence of this liberating hypnotic trip!

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