Mechanical Species – Anandamide

Written by on 2019-02-15

Our scandinavian audio scientist has finally left his labs with the results of an extensive research on the impact of certain neurotransmitters upon human feelings and behavior. This time he utilized some new tools and procedures introducing huge doses of grooves in a controlled environment of steady levels of some illegal ingredients only known to him. While this stuff is still under a procedure of testing, it has been reported that exposures to it can induce states of joy, bliss and delight, so if you seek some experimental experience on your own, we have some supplies left of it – of course the principle being: first comes first served!


All tracks w&p by Dahni Strauss
Mastering by Ognen Zafirovski
Cover Artwork by Joe the Glow
Copyrights Forestdelic Records 2019

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