Goch & Friends – Woody Vegetation

Written by on 2018-10-10

Presenting the fresh concoction from the Vantara Vichitra labs, Woody Vegetaion by Goch & Friends. Vladimir Gochkov is Goch is from Macedonia, a project developed in homage to nature and mysticism.

Formed after various experiments in multi-dimensional genres of music ranging from guitar and magnetic sensors in the 90’s and evolving to Goa-influenced trance music almost a decade after, Goch has since been a frequent and well appreciated collaborator in the forest psytrance movement in the last decade, with releases of all shapes and sizes on some of the world’s most respected labels in the genre.

Goch’s musical vibe often refers to a magnetic and hypnotic breed of deep woody, wet and mossy soundscapes. Woody Vegetation is a long drawn labour of love from Goch, symbiotically fusing the signature experimental
style with some of the most woody projects in the scene. The 10-track forest symphony has Goch seamlessly fusing creative forces with various Vichitra friends from deep woodland nooks internationally.
It is a meticulously symbiotic piece of work brought to life with a collective focus from all the contributors.

We are happy to present this beauty polished by Petran @ Echology studios and artistically represented by our favorite bizzaro maestro, Whrikk! The fresh vegetation is coming for your ears to take root and spread furthermore.

Mastering By – Petran @ Echology Studios
Art Work By – WHRK

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