Full Face – Biji Brexwedana

Written by on 2018-06-06

Greetings, Dear Vantaraheads! It’s time for our latest musical offering in the form of an exclusive EP from our long-standing partysan and collaborator, Full Face, aka Doros from Corfu.

The EP has been conceptualized and presented as an homage to the valiant Kurdish resistance of Kobane City in 2014-15. Entitled Biji Berxwedana, it translates to “Long Live Resistance” in Kurdish and has been frequently used by the resistance fighters and their supporters for inspiration.

The Kobane resistance movement itself is a popular feminist, anti-fascist, anti-patriarchal symbol today.

The artwork by Cacofonix is inspired by the Freedom Square at Kobane during the aforementioned period of turmoil.
Long live the resistDance!

Mastering by Petran @ Echology Studios
Art by Cacofonix
Format: Digital

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