Fagin’s Reject – Non Serviam

Written by on 2018-05-18

The wait is over and the underworld opens again! London born-and-bred Wildthing, Fagin’s Reject, has done it again with this defiant new EP, Non Serviam. Living up to its title, Phil plays by his own rules, and continues to deliver his inimitable and rebellious sound that swallows you whole and spits you out stomping and smiling on the dancefloor! Incorporating his signature punkadelic-funkadelic blend, this gnarly new release gifts us with 3 fresh dancefloor rippers. More akin to Satan’s cojones than a shaman’s dreams, this EP is sure to wobble some brains and smack some gobs!


Written and produced by: Phil Getty @ The Orphanage
Artwork by: Funilab
Mastered by: Wild Mastering

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