Year: 2015

Bubbles [EP] by Fako A new epoch in scientific understanding beckons us towards the expanse of dark matter: that mysterious, invisible, absolutely permeable oscillating collective of entities, which like the reality we fathom around us, seems attracted to gravity. The new cycle of time and understanding dances with higher vibrations. Apart from the positives, negatives… [read more]

Third Voice [EP] by Tersius The sense of sound has been the most symbiotic to the manifestation of movement among all of the human senses. Throughout recorded history, adept musicians have invoked the sublime state of dance within humanity. Like all phenomena in existence, the material aspects of music are more obviously discernible – like… [read more]

V.A. – Alchemic Recipe by Various Artists Everyone is a potential alchemist.One can heal oneself and others spiritually andphysically through internal procedures,using tangible and intangible ingredients. In this recipe we propose audio versions of emotions and thoughts.We suggest a strong and loud dose, in a natural or adaptedenvironment. Music heals by transforming vibrations.The purpose is… [read more]

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