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E.P. – Drury Nevil – Under The Influence by Drury Nevil Influence is an ethereal fluid flowing from one soul to anotherto affect our perspective of the world. Since everything you say and do is the projection and shadow of your soul,your influence reflects the quality of your inner being. After many years under the […]

E.P. – Atomas & Mamka – Internal Trails by Atomas & Mamka # grows in the Athenian urban forest. # blossoms in the night. # reflects to outer space. planted by Atomas & Mamka, this 4 track E.P. is ready to set you loose … credits Mastered by: Petran @ Echology StudiosArtwork by: JimacidoWritten & […]

Tromo – Harmonies Of Randomness by Tromo walk randomly into the paths of possibilityyou know where you’re goingradiate your frequency to feed the harmonyyou know where you guide the tunethis music is made by uncovering the harmony of your random frequencies credits Mastered by: Petran @ Echology StudiosOriginal Artwork by: PlatsGraphics Editing by: Dark CrystalWritten […]

V.A. – Up Psy Down by Various Artists The world is whirling, revolving andrenewing since the beginning of time.We are all an outgrowth of this change.Each reversal is a new turn in our adventurous trip.We captured some of those upside downs underthe psychedelic prism of music. Be ready to enjoy the next one! credits Compiled […]

E.P. – Antonymous – The Ascending Path by Antonymous Antonymous – The Ascending Path (E.P.) Every path we choose in life leads to a higher purpose.It takes time to be fulfilled, swirling through successive cycles and orbicular paths,but what we do will finally come to embrace us. Observe the sacred geometry of music flowing through […]

Orestis & Friends – Group Therapy by Orestis Five years after his first personal album “Recursive Consciousness”,released on Tantrumm Records in 2010,Orestis strikes again with a full length album: “Group Therapy” consists in 10 unreleased tracks,collaborations with friends from all around Planet Earth. • Ajja • Arjuna • Drury Nevil • Farebi Jalebi• Madness Increazzed […]

V.A. – Alchemic Recipe by Various Artists Everyone is a potential alchemist.One can heal oneself and others spiritually andphysically through internal procedures,using tangible and intangible ingredients. In this recipe we propose audio versions of emotions and thoughts.We suggest a strong and loud dose, in a natural or adaptedenvironment. Music heals by transforming vibrations.The purpose is […]

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