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Flying Sorcerers (Aphid Moon & Hypnocoustics) – Pure Sorcery by Sacred Technology Galactic lysergic soul surgeons, tongues-in-cheeks, brains-in-orbit; The Flying Sorcerers have traversed the dimensional rifts of hyper-reality to conjure their unique emerging style of sonic trickery for Sacred Technology. Combining the wizardry of UK Psychedelic Trance artists Aphid Moon & Hypnocoustics, Pure Sorcery unleashes […]

Liquid Soul & Outsiders – Life Frequency by Sacred Technology Outsiders teams up with Liquid Soul to create ‘Life Frequency’A sophisticated deep psychedelic and melodic blaster!‘Life Frequency’ – the first single of the upcoming Outsiders album. ‘Life Frequency’ will be a summer anthem for this crazy festival season and many more to come.

Faders – Gaia by Sacred Technology After several Sacred Technology exclusive appearancesFaders returns with a huge psychedelic blaster of a track, ‘Gaia’ is a sophisticated and powerful one, every beat shape-shifting into chards of beautiful magic that will create unforgettable dance floor moments

Outsiders – Out There Remixes – Part 3 by Sacred Technology Outsiders and friends Here’s the third chapter Including artists, such as, Laughing Buddha, Djantrix, Spirit Architect, Atomizers, Alienatic, Spinal Fusion and Ilai

Volcano On Mars – World Of Images by Sacred Technology Volcano On Mars is the exciting project of Hanan Gorenshtin aka Volcano & Oshry Ben Simon aka Imagine Mars. In late 2017 after working together in the studio on their individual projects, the two began working around on ideas and talking about working together on […]

Avalon & Volcano – Good Twist by Sacred Technology Avalon teams up with Volcano to create ‘Good Twist’‘Good Twist’ made for deep Sunday afternoon open air explorations, driven by industrial percussion, brain-bending synth effects and beautiful melody to mark this memorable track.

Imagine Mars – Sacred Space Remixes by Sacred Technology

Protoculture – Love Technology (Vertical Mode Remix) by Sacred Technology Sacred Technology is proud to present Vertical Mode remix for the classic track ‘Love Technology’ from Protoculture Vertical Mode on FB: Mode on SC: Protoculture on FB: on SC:

Electric Universe – Psychedelix (NoFace Remix) by Sacred Technology NoFace is back to Sacred Technology with a massive remix for ‘Psychedelix’ by Electric Universe NoFace on FB: on SC: Electric Universe on FB: Universe on SC:

Xerox & Illumination – Bass Safari (Faders Remix) by Sacred Technology Sacred Technology is proud to present a massive Faders remix of the Xerox & Illumination classic ‘Bass Safari’. Faders on FB: on SC: Xerox on FB: on SC: ??Illumination on FB: on SC:

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