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Midnight Drums (Outlaw Remix) by Lyktum Next up on Iono-Music is Outlaw’s remix of Lyktum’s – ‘Midnight Drums’. This remix is a dancefloor smasher, filled with many uplifting moments and driving abstract sounds. Floating arpeggiators will set you perfectly for a trippy wonderland journey, while hypnotizing spiritual vocals elevate this track’s spirit.

Protoculture – Love Technology (Vertical Mode Remix) by Sacred Technology Sacred Technology is proud to present Vertical Mode remix for the classic track ‘Love Technology’ from Protoculture Vertical Mode on FB: Mode on SC: Protoculture on FB: on SC:

Electric Universe – Psychedelix (NoFace Remix) by Sacred Technology NoFace is back to Sacred Technology with a massive remix for ‘Psychedelix’ by Electric Universe NoFace on FB: on SC: Electric Universe on FB: Universe on SC:

Biorhythm by UnderCover & Samra Out next on Iono-Music we have a two track release. UnderCover & Samra bring us ‘Biorhythm’ – a track filled with crazy beats, killer arpeggiators, fierce stabs and middle eastern melodies. Samra’s remix of UnderCover’s track ‘Imaginary Friends’ – is a mystical esoteric frenzy of raging beats, futuristic sounds and […]

Xerox & Illumination – Bass Safari (Faders Remix) by Sacred Technology Sacred Technology is proud to present a massive Faders remix of the Xerox & Illumination classic ‘Bass Safari’. Faders on FB: on SC: Xerox on FB: on SC: ??Illumination on FB: on SC:

Tribal Earth (Undercover Remix) by Petra, Undercover Undercover bring their massive cutting edge sound and bouncy futuristic bass into the remake of Petra’s hit track Tribal Earth leaving us with this massive floor exploding remix.

At the Beginning (Shibass Remix) by Ritmo Out next on Iono-Music we have a Shibass remix of Ritmo’s track – ‘At The Beginning’. With a hard hitting kick and rocking bass that are perfectly complimented with punchy stabs, uplifting trance risers and celestial vocals; this track takes you on an intergalactic ride to another dimension […]

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