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South African label PsynOpticz Records Delivers Yet Again! Prepare to immerse yourself in the pulsating beats and mind-expanding melodies as PsynOpticz Records gifts us with another sensational free download with artists as Tron, Dust, Virtual Light, Pollyfonika and many more… Get ready to elevate your consciousness with their latest release, a true sonic journey that… [read more]

Pot & Psychedelics by Breathead “Pot & Psychedelics” This full power EP from Breathead takes you on a sonic roller coaster with euphoric highs, intricate loops and fluid depths. Deep movements into Pot & Psychedelics! 😎 Each track moves you through another gateway on a dynamic journey where your mind and body can tune in to his unique… [read more]

The End (or Beginning) by Malákia Groovy basslines, psychedelic riffs and crazy intergalactic soundscapes! Malákia takes you on a journey into the twilight hours. This is where you are exposed to the deepest spiral of never ending thoughts & accompanied by mind bending visual stimuli where you cannot comprehend the end (or the beginning) of… [read more]

When the sun goes down the mind comes out to play. Shadow Hills is known for exploring the best of the night time side of psy, opening the mind to a new realm of sophisticated sounds and hypnotic grooves. This EP will take you beyond the sands of time, begging you to stay longer and… [read more]

Robot Revolution by Nanospace “Nanospace reached far into the corners of the mind that longs to get lost in the perfect synchronicity of melody and rhythm to create this 2-track EP. He teams up with Baphomet Enginet on Sensual Darkness for a musically complex experience that’ll lure you to the dancefloor to explore the beats… [read more]

Storm Area 51 by Alien Code “Storm Area 51, they can’t stop all of us! We want to see the Aliens!Alien Codes debut album featuring 7 decrypted messages from the special beings, will be launched with the storming of Area 51 on the 20th September 2019. Lets find out together what the governments have been… [read more]

Perceptionz (Selected by Motion Theory) by Various Artists “Motion Theory (aka Tyron Berry) is a highly respected psychedelic dj, born and bred in Cape Town (SA) and has been involved in the music scene since childhood. In the early 2000’s he encountered and engulfed himself in psytrance and to this day spends the bulk of… [read more]

Amalgam by Abstraction & Malákia Abstraction and Malákia join forces to bring you this two-track EP that embodies the core of a carefully crafted psychedelic twilight experience. “Binary Domain”, pushes you beyond the corners of your conscious mind with a gripping bassline and hypnotic landscape of sophisticated sounds. “Dynamic Madness” moves you further into a… [read more]

A Young Man on Acid by Active Forms Funky, groovy psychedelic beats from a new Mexican project created by Ismael Rodriguez, Erick Vazquez & Vicente Marín aka Breathead. Already blasting dancefloors around Mexico and spreading Active Forms energy. We are excited to release these 3 kaleidoscopic tunes to the world, be prepared to lose your… [read more]

Find God by Frenetic We bring you this explosive psychedelic EP crafted by Frenetic to expand minds! An experience that is guided by Gaia and takes you deep into the spiritual and cosmic universe we live in. A divine power that brings us all together, the psychoactive elements of all living things blended with many… [read more]

Seekerz (Selected by NYX) by Various Artists Deep inside, we know…This music is a map, a whisper on our wayDown the sacred paths and swirling spiralsListen, and be led as NYX guides your steps down the secret pathsTo the sanctum where all things hold love as a lanternBreathing with the beats, Dancing until the dawn.… [read more]

Special Access by JediMaster JediMaster, a psychedelic sound wave creator from Poland that has surfed through the sonic universe and has mastered the art to be a great musical warrior. He will guide you through the cosmic galaxy and expand your mind. Feel the force within you! FB : :

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