Volcano – Sacred Tools Vol.2 by Sacred Technology Sacred Technology is proud to present the second chapter of Artist Collections series ‘Sacred Tools’. With a great pleasure we present to you this amazing collection of Volcano’s finest moments from recent times.

Magik continues his run of endless music-making with cool and interesting artists as he teams up with the original Polish psychedelic mad-men Tromesa! Melding classic warping melodics, emotive lines, gritty precision and surging bass-lines, ‘Intangible Things’ may be the title of this standout track, but musically it is anything but! Let your ears reach for… [read more]

The Magik Collection by Magik Magik has long been a secret weapon in the Nano Records camp, always being the one who knows what music making machines and software are up to scratch and where the freshest and most exciting sounds are coming from right now. Bringing this knowledge to his own productions Magik has… [read more]

Beyond The Edge Of Time by Killerwatts While sitting under that Banyan tree questioning the nature of reality as minds fractured and fractalised at the edge of time, Killerwatts clung tightly to some remarkable chunks of tonal excellence that spawned what became their second full length album ‘Edge of Time’.  A number of Moons have… [read more]

Magik invites you on an entrancing adventure that will connect you with your inner child, still beaming with infinite imagination and fearless playful abandon. Feel the lunar glow as it illuminates your surroundings and let yourself go as the breeze sweeps you up into a mysterious voyage that sends you flying higher and higher swirling… [read more]

Wilderness by magik, braincell Magik & Braincell combine their vast studio knowledge along with massive dancefloor exposure from around the globe to cook us this psychedelic wilderness filled journey to get our right juices flowing for the summer festival adventures.

Organised Time by Magik & Yestermorrow The moment has arrived for Magik & Yestermorrow to share their latest creation of synchronized sounds channeled directly from the fourth dimension. From the get-go the pace is set and the momentum builds to gigantic peaks in this massive daytime dance floor rocker that will dissolve time and break… [read more]

Universal Frequencies, Vol. 7 by Various Artists – Digital Om Productions Closing the circle of smashing the year 2018. Digital Om comes back with Vol 7. of their re-releases compilation Universal Frequencies. An exquisite selection of dancefloor smashing hits A must-have for every music listener .. tune in to Universal Frequencies.

Magik – Biting Point (Imagine Mars Remix) by Sacred Technology Here comes the newest output from Sacred TechnologyMagik is a promising producer, one of Nano Records most exciting new talents from the UK Psychedelic Trance scene‘Biting Point’ is a massive slammer that already proved itself as having a huge impact over dance floors across the… [read more]

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