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Journey Through Time compiled by Domino [SpaceWarp Recs] Out Now!

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Release Date: 2022-09-29
Label: SpaceWarp Records
Catalog: SPARMU004

Available From: Bandcamp | Beatport | Junodownload

Featuring: Astral Projection - Astrogano - Boombaba - Coral - DRIVE - Etnica - Lennielazerbeam - ManMadeMan - Neuromotor - Pleiadians - RIGEL - Tomocomo - UNI

SpaceWarp greetings to you all and welcome to our freshest release "Journey Through Time", the long-awaited VA compilation from our Label DJ and living legend, Domino! "Journey Through Time" is a testament to Domino's deep-rooted, life-long involvement within the psychedelic trance scene, having rocked trance-floors across the world for over 30 years.

UK Psytrance pioneers ManMadeMan lead you into the soundscape of “Journey Through Time”. Their groovy sound entices you in, before handing over to the Italian psychedelic legends, Etnica vs Pleiadians, who reboot and teleport you into their world of psychedelic wizardry and audio mystery…

Japanese producer UNI delivers his hypnotic punchy sound that hooks you in before USA Psytrance producer Coral, raises the bar once again, with her trance-floor stomper!

Greek producer RIGEL’s quirky mad tones catch the imagination, and lead you into the psychedelic world of Indian producer Boombaba, who’s deeper, energetic sound is a trance-floor pleaser.

UK psytrance duo DRIVE is a new, all female, Psytrance act comprising of Jasmine and Sonya from ManMadeMan, their inner siren is unleashing as their hypnotic playful sound, drives you forward into another world, as Israeli producer Astrogano engages with her mesmerizing remix of this Astral Projection timeless classic!

The sound of Domino is clearly evident as she weaves together the psychedelic strands of known and less familiar artists including female Japanese producer Tomocomo who takes you on a journey of deep, warming melodic Goa trance.

UK psytrance duo Lennielazerbeam delivers a full-on psychedelic experience before the depth charged psychedelic beats from French psytrance legend Neuromotor brings “Journey Through Time” to a perfect close.

Journey Through Time”, is encapsulated with driving psychedelia throughout, mastered by RIGEL, with an artistic backdrop by Mick Usher and compiled by label DJ, Domino. Until next time…

Domino Links & Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud




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