Month: June 2019

Subconscious by Invisible Reality & Waveform Our next release on Iono-Music is from Invisible Reality and Waveform with their track ‘Subconscious’. This release is a gorgeous blend of insane Psychedelic sounds, exuberant extra-terrestrial noises and tantalizingly trippy trance lines. The haunting vocals adds to the mystical whimsical mayhem and is a call to dance –… [read more]

Waves by AudioUnit Up next on Iono-Music we have AudioUnit with his new release ‘Waves’. The first track ‘The Big Dooo’ is a cool funky Psy-trance slammer full of energetic evolving sounds, deep grinding stabs and bubbling arpeggiated melodies. ‘Wavepond’ is the second track – with a pounding kick, rocking bass, and a plethora of… [read more]

Frequent Fryers by Imaginarium, Virtual Light Brain Fried — This term is used for the feeling of doing thought intensive work or action which leaves the brain so cluttered that it reaches a point zero! Imaginairum tag teams with Virtual Light to craft this constantly engaging and intensively driving tune «Frequent Fryers»! Bringing the best out of their own unique styles of production making it hot enough… [read more]

Beyond Imagination by Spinal Fusion Future Music Records is proud to present ‘Beyond Imagination’ – a new single from Spinal Fusion

The Goose is Out by Upavas The Goose is loose! Sangoma Records presents the second EP of the now San Francisco based artist Upavas. Being in India from 1986 he saw the scene grow from scratch and this EP is also a homage to his times in Pune where he was dynamically meditating. This EP… [read more]

The Message by One Function One Function is back with his next release on Iono-Music – we present you – ‘The Message’! With a kick and bass that make you stomp like a raving banshee and monstrous enigmatic growls that infiltrate – taking a deep hold on your soul; the rousing risers, elevating melodies, crazy… [read more]

To touch the eternal, understand the mysterious and find out who we are! Tristan, Laughing Buddha & Mandala dived into the swirling cosmic soup of self discovery and audio antics to do just this in a rainbow smeared studio, dripping with mojo and good vibes! And what did they find you ask ?  Press play on… [read more]

Subculture by Dirty Saffi Bom Shanka Music is super proud to announce Dirty Saffi’s 3rd album ‘Subculture’. Featuring 7 brand new original solo tracks, remixes of Arjuna, Tristan vs Aardvarkk, Outsiders vs Imagine Mars and Fagin’s Reject, and one collaboration with Occular, in total 12 deep and complex rocking tracks guaranteed to melt minds across… [read more]

Reflected Solstice by Various Artists Iono Lounge are thrilled to bring you our first compilation ‘Reflected Solstice’. Handpicked by our label manager & artist ‘Sky Soul’ (Dejan Jovanovic) to honor another yearly Solstice, which will be at 5:54 PM CET, on Friday, June 21st of 2019. As a tribute to this planetary happening, we bring… [read more]

Paradox (EP) by Disorder

Dogon by burn in noise, starlab An ancient African Tribe called The Dogon worship a distant star invisible to the naked eye. How is this possible? How could the Dogon posses this sophisticated astronomical information? Legend claims their knowledge was given by The Nommos, God-like beings from the same Star System that visited them in 2500 BC. Does other evidence exist of this encounter between Gods… [read more]

Controlled Hallucination by Digital Om Productions «Controlled Hallucination» Imaginarium & Manmachine team up to simulate this phenomenon in this bomber EP consisting of two tracks named «Environ» & «Controlled Hallucination»!!

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