Month: May 2019

Abracadabra by Dissociactive “Now it’s time for something specialYour attention it’s essentialThis staff is maybe existentialBut unleash your all potentialIt’s for sure not something newTry remember, I’m sure u doUnderground pioneer it’s hereThe new era it’s really nearI’m already feel hyperactiveWhen I spell the name Dissociactive”

Visions of Acting by Hinap Next up on Iono-Music we have the very talented Hinap with this two track release ‘Visions of Acting’. The title tune drives you straight into heavenly oblivion – with the rocking rhythm, deep energizing bass and mesmeric lines. Shadow Boxi is the 2nd track of this quality combo with a… [read more]

Baby Techno by Vivante Iono is happy to present their next release by the uprising talent from Israel Elad Vivante aka Vivante. Baby Techno is a 2 tracks single with deep, groovy atmosphere. A true floor filler!

Protoculture – Love Technology (Vertical Mode Remix) by Sacred Technology Sacred Technology is proud to present Vertical Mode remix for the classic track ‘Love Technology’ from Protoculture Vertical Mode on FB: Mode on SC: Protoculture on FB: on SC:

(GloOmD021) Isometric – Different Perception by Isometric Glo0m Music and Isometric are glad to present its latest EP Different Perception.The perception is the ability to see, hear and become aware of something through our senses. This ability and its interpretation are different to all of us, making us completely unique from one another. In this… [read more]

Psychedelic All Over by Osher Iono-Music are pleased to bring you this next two track release from Osher. ‘Psychedelic All Over’ is a rocking trancer with a furious beat, poignant stabs, and hauntingly rousing lines. ‘Touch The Stars’ has fresh beats, killer percussion, mystical melodies and celestial vocals. These innovative and refreshing sounds infiltrate your… [read more]

Modular Tea Party by Flipknot Flipknot is ready with 3 freshly baked goodies in form of a crispy new ep “Modular Tea Party” with one solo track and 2 tracks featuring his students Gnomon & Aj Psybaba from his now legendary audio production school S58 Stomp studios. Flipknot aka Brian Fernandes thanks the mothership “Parvati Records”… [read more]

Flowing Matter by The Bitzpan Iono Lounge is honored to host back again our Greek duo ‘The Bitzpan’ with another 2 masterpieces. “Flowing Matter” including “Metaloceans”.A pure flowing atmosphere that is played by plucked & wind instruments, while a huge sub based drum presents itself in a peacefully inducing harmonious zen experience of the deep… [read more]

Seekerz (Selected by NYX) by Various Artists Deep inside, we know…This music is a map, a whisper on our wayDown the sacred paths and swirling spiralsListen, and be led as NYX guides your steps down the secret pathsTo the sanctum where all things hold love as a lanternBreathing with the beats, Dancing until the dawn.… [read more]

The Sweet Side Of The Cave by Caveman Caveman is back with a new powerful EP, another collection of finely produced tracks that hits hard like a punch in the stomach.The Sweet Side of the Cave shakes the tiny cloying cage we live in to warn us against the dangerous sweet deals of society.Track after… [read more]

Echo-Mathmatikal by Sense Datum Introducing new Shanka superstar Sense Datum’s debut EP ‘Echo-Mathmatikal’. Already famous for his amazing Hi-Tek with Loose Connection and his superb bass music Eurythmy, Kris has now spread his ample load of talent into the Psy-Trance gap. It’s a stunning mix of Hi-Tek-esque squiggles and deep proggy forest sounds, all on… [read more]

Physical Sounds by Cosmic Tone Cosmic Tone is back with his next release on Iono-Music -‘Physical Sounds’. Floating grooves and sweet melodies are beautifully entwined with up-risers, grinding lines and loopy arpeggiators. Bring in a nutty vocal and you have a crazy roller coaster ride of a track that lifts your spirit and makes you… [read more]

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