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Sleepwalkers by maitika,zatzak,spirit gate «You ever have that feeling where you’re not sure if you’re awake or still dreaming?» Maitika, Spirit Gate & Zatzak team up with the freshest of ideas from deep sleep to bring you SLEEPWALKERS EP consisting 3 massively produced tunes 

Life Changes by ital Ital teams up with Twelve Sessions to bring you the sonic subliminal message about the shift in conciousness and life as we know it!

Triton first appeared on BMSS on our 20th anniversary compilation with a collaboration with the late “Hux Flux” on the track “Look who”s talking”. On his debut EP with us this latest signing from Mexico channels the quirkiness of Hux Flux with strangely esoteric sonic dexterity. Mostly Psytrance with a touch of Full On his potent… [read more]

Xerox & Outsiders – Simulation Of Madness by Sacred Technology Sacred Technology is proud to present an incredible collaboration between Xerox & Outsiders. ‘Simulation Of Madness’ is the result of a studio meeting between 3 genius minds.Get your mind & body ready for this psychedelic explosion! Xerox on FB: on SC: Outsiders on FB: SC:

Paving the way for Pogo’s upcoming ‘Reincarnations’ collection of remixes, that will soon be released on Nano Records, we are excited to present this stellar reworking by the Brazilian Queen of Psytrance, Altruism, of Pogo & Earthlings classic track ‘Out Of This World’! 

Quantum Void by Yestermorrow The warriors of Psytrance are back – Yestermorrow return for the next Iono-Music release – with their mammoth track ‘Quantum Void’! Thrashing beats and a deep bass give rise to an explosion of enigmatically eruptive sounds and mystical middle eastern lines. This turbulent chaotic yet mesmerizing tale will get you elevated… [read more]

Beyond by Sky Soul Iono Lounge are pleased to announce the new project launch of our A&R Label manager Dejan Jovanovic; ‘Sky Soul’ titled “Beyond”. We bring you this very special single release, taken as a teaser of the forthcoming debut album called; “Everything Forever”. Its unique approach in melodies reflect so many of our… [read more]

Pieces (SINGLE) by Complicated Alchemy Records is honoured to present Pieces, the sensational new single from our new brother, Complicated. Complicated has been on the scene for years, always bringing a smile and endless passion which he channels into every sound. Now, after a string of blasters out on the likes of Main Stage Records,… [read more]

Shanti Matkin & Jimbo Feat. Amir Bar David – Goahed by Sacred Technology Shanti Matkin and Jimbo teamed up with the talented musician Amir Bar David to create an intergalactic psychedelic track called ‘Goahed’. Shanti Matkin on FB: Matkin on SC: Jimbo on FB: on SC:

Twelve years ago, Joe (Hypnocoustics) and Angus (Mandala) met for the first time in a beach shack in Varkala and spent a special week hanging out, putting on small psychedelic parties and sharing music. Both were on their own personal voyages; Angus planting the visionary seeds for what was to become the stunning Mandala Goa… [read more]

Back to My Roots (Hinap Remix) by One Function Out next on Iono-Music we have this stunning Hinap Remix of One Function’s – ‘Back To My Roots’. Tantalizingly twisted extra-terrestrial noises and innovational inter-galactic sounds are blissfully contrasted with soothing vocals and uplifting moving melodies. Together creating a sonic masterpiece which is nourishing for both… [read more]

Extinction by Reverse Up next on Iono Music is this fresh new EP from Reverse called ‘Extinction’. The title track is a beautiful storming trancer – filled with driving beats, mystical sounds and mesmerizing melodies – it whips you up into a frenzy of fire. ‘Division of Activity’ is the second track. This is a… [read more]

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