Month: March 2019

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After few years where he has been focusing more on his private life, our Goan producer Gidra is coming back to us with a 4 tracks EP. His sound known for extreme grooviness and solid rhythmic is become now way more mature and its driving force is now more complete. FREE DOWNLOAD

Deck Wizards – By Tsuyoshi by Various Artists Future Music Records is proud to present ‘Deck Wizards’ compiled by Tsuyoshi Suzuki. Influenced by the 90’s style of deep psychedelic music, the VA features 11 reimagined classics with fresh twists. The ‘Deck Wizards’ series title is used by kind permission of John Phantasm/Phantasm Records.

Unio Mystica by Blastourist Sangoma Records is happy to presents the EP “Unio Mystica” by the Hungarian duo Blastourist. Tom and Gergo (Dj Gorgo) have countless years of experience in psychedelic music and have now joined forces to blast and explore new aural territories. As souvenirs they brought back four rocking tunes, including a collaboration […]

Sonic Signals by neuromotor In the midst of energy exchange between the electric-wave and the magnetic-wave, veteran artist Neuromotor sends some signals through the Sonic Spectrum targetted straight towards the neurons!!Also features a sonic composition along with Braindriver in ressonance to our beautiful planet called «Organic Orbit».

No Label by Aknoyd We present to you an explosive 3 track EP created by Aknoyd! A well known Brazilian producer that has travelled the world and his music has infiltrated the minds of many! Extremely well produced psychedelic trance that every dancefloor goes crazy for. FB :: ::

Sleepwalkers by maitika,zatzak,spirit gate «You ever have that feeling where you’re not sure if you’re awake or still dreaming?» Maitika, Spirit Gate & Zatzak team up with the freshest of ideas from deep sleep to bring you SLEEPWALKERS EP consisting 3 massively produced tunes 

Life Changes by ital Ital teams up with Twelve Sessions to bring you the sonic subliminal message about the shift in conciousness and life as we know it!

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