Month: January 2019

Planar by Nektarios Here at the Believe Lab we are happy and honoured to present the new Ep of master Nektarios.His sound is a straight journey into a timeless dimension reaching peaks of insanity through the harmony of organic frequencies.A comfortable music to travel with thanks to the high quality production, round synths and an… [read more]

Find A Way [E.P] by Lunatica Alchemy Records is proud to present the massive new EP by Lunatica: Find A Way. We’ve followed him for years, through twist and turns of the path he chose, watched as he’s explored his soundscape and crafted his truly unique and psychedelic, journeys! Finally, we are able to see… [read more]

Unique Flavour by Djantrix Digital Om productions brings out their best to finish the circle of 2018. Djantrix who in very less span of time has turned out to be a big head turner and force to reckon with within the psychedelic community churns out this Uniquely Flavored beast to leave us with a hint of taste to expect the exciting coming new year.

Higher Dimension by Digital Om Productions Imaginarium comes back to reflect on the shift in conciousness with his EP Higher Dimension Tracklist

Life Simulation by middle mode, m-theory Simulating Life as we Know, Middle Mode & M- Theory!

Sidekicks, our latest signing to BMSS give us their debut EP “Tonal Abuse”. Full on with a heavy dose of Goa, these two LA based artists create intense adult trip music. “Chased through the Woods” and “Of a Machine” build their stories on deep rolling hypnotic bases perfect for peak night time moments. Apocalyptic synths… [read more]

Xerox & illumination – Recolored by Xerox by Sacred Technology Xerox & Illumination joined forces in 2002 and released their first collaboration album, ‘Temporary Insanity’ in 2004 to be followed by various releases.‘Recolored’ contains two remarkable edits for Xerox & Illumination made by Xerox of classical XI tracks, ‘Ghost In The Machine’ and ‘7 Days’.… [read more]

Brace yourself for a bombardment of awe-in-spiralling basslines diving deep into your core as the sonic sorcerer Earthspace returns from his otherworldly explorations with freshly crafted enchantments to cast over dance floors. Conjuring cascading layers of sneaky-tweaky synthesis, he will send you further into the unknown as your mind is stirred into the morphing universal… [read more]

Spiritual Illumination by Lyktum & Ovnimoon Iono-Music are thrilled to bring you this next release. We have Lyktum & Ovnimoon – ‘Spiritual Illumination’! When two titans of the psy-trance scene work together you always hope for something good, but this collaboration superiorly surpasses all expectations! ‘Spiritual Illumination’ is an inter-galactic awakening of Goliath proportion. A… [read more]

Psychedelically Correct by V/A | Pixan Recordings Here we are again with a release! A brand new one that gonna travel all the way around and in between the underground Psytrance styles.We wonder a lot to find a way to describe the label, the sound, the vibe, but at the end we found out that… [read more]

Marasmarahaua Temple by Various Artists

Psychedelic Dream Theater by Yudhisthira When we hear the word psychedelic, one name comes to our mind immediately – the project that started in the last millennium and spans its journey right to the present. With his two albums and numerous collaborations and releases behind, Yudhisthira brings us his latest works, featuring two collaborations with… [read more]

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