Psygressive, Vol.6 by Various Artists IONO MUSIC comes up with the 6th edition of our re-release compilation ‘Psygressive’. This one is a perfect mix for every iono lover to trip between progressive and Psytrance!

Quantum Void by Yestermorrow The warriors of Psytrance are back – Yestermorrow return for the next Iono-Music release – with their mammoth track ‘Quantum Void’! Thrashing beats and a deep bass give rise to an explosion of enigmatically eruptive sounds and mystical middle eastern lines. This turbulent chaotic yet mesmerizing tale will get you elevated… [read more]

Organised Time by Magik & Yestermorrow The moment has arrived for Magik & Yestermorrow to share their latest creation of synchronized sounds channeled directly from the fourth dimension. From the get-go the pace is set and the momentum builds to gigantic peaks in this massive daytime dance floor rocker that will dissolve time and break… [read more]

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