Tabula Rasa

More Fire by Tabula Rasa Tabula Rasa are back with their next epic track called ‘More Fire’ out next on Iono-Music. This piece is a picnic of pure psychotropic insanity – each treat – a feast filled with crazy and colourful full-on psychedelic flavours. The beat kicks like a mule, the bass drives like a… [read more]

Psygressive, Vol.5 by Various Artists

Concept of Ganesh by Tabula Rasa The next release on Iono-Music is from Tabula Rasa with ‘Concept of Ganesh’. This is a mind blowing musical mantra. A sharp kick and groovy bass line are layered with awe-inspiring arpeggiated lines, squelchy alien sounds and a concoction of captivating and crazy noises which all make for a… [read more]

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