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Scope – Carpe Noctem by Pralayah Records Pralayah records presents ‘Carpe Noctem’ by Scope (2019)——————Carpe Noctem is a way of getting trough the rough nights. With a little help you get into some sort of deeper meditational trance state by a dark-to-light progressive-forest flow.Danceable + listenable = Tranceable Available in 24bit Digital & 16bit CD… [read more]

Bubbleguns – Sacred Space EP by Pralayah Records When we lose ourselves to the music and dance in a state of trance, the place where we dance becomes our Sacred Space. It’s the space where we lose ourselves to the music, the space where we flow with the music that takes over our being. Leaving… [read more]

Aural Spiral – Oneirologio (E.P) by Pralayah Records Worked & Produced by Vasilis Ritual / Coticas Darkage , Greece.Mastered By Tim Schuldt at 4CN Studios, Germany.Artwork By Khayali, Spain.Format : DigitalCatalog No : PYRDG002

BOSMER – OOZE TALES (E.P) by Pralayah Records In the Aldmeri language, “bos” means forest, and “mer” means people. 

You are cordially invited to step into the mystical world of Bosmer; the new forest psytrance project from Portuguese darkpsy architect LAB.Extracted from the beliefs of these eco-inhabitans, Bosmer intertwines the rejection of conventionality to the… [read more]

V.A Karacus Marakus by Pralayah Records Compiled By : ManvantraArtwork by : Юрий Андерсон ( Ithi Anderson )Mastering by : Tim Schuldt

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