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Liquid Fever by GABB Here we are again doing what we (hope so) do best : presenting to you one of the most amazing, yes this is our opinion, brand-new act of the underground fullon Italian scene : “GABB”. Get surprised, like we did, with the NO overuse of leads and with the continuously changing… [read more]

Abracadabra by Dissociactive “Now it’s time for something specialYour attention it’s essentialThis staff is maybe existentialBut unleash your all potentialIt’s for sure not something newTry remember, I’m sure u doUnderground pioneer it’s hereThe new era it’s really nearI’m already feel hyperactiveWhen I spell the name Dissociactive”

Future Abstraction by Desh FUTURE : a period of time that has to come. ABSTRACTION : an idea that develops by looking at or thinking about a number of different things Future abstraction is the last EP by Desh. Desh is the artist name of the Mexican musician Arturo de Shoenestatt Pena Mena. This is… [read more]

Psychedelically Correct by V/A | Pixan Recordings Here we are again with a release! A brand new one that gonna travel all the way around and in between the underground Psytrance styles.We wonder a lot to find a way to describe the label, the sound, the vibe, but at the end we found out that… [read more]

Obscuria by SKILLER, DOPADOCKS “Changes of dates, just like a thrillerFor this first Ep of Skiller.But I promise it will rockAs is vs DopadocksU will feel a sharp/bright soundFrom your neck just crowling downAnd when u’ll be in euphoriaYou realize u are in “OBSCURIA”

La Danza De Los Planetas by DESH Here we are with something fresh is the new EP of Desh Where the meaning of Psytrance It is all about to dance Yes is true it can sound dark But is also full of sparks So wake up, come on and join us In “La danza de… [read more]

Velvet Quiksand (Pixan Recordings) by San and Tac “San and Tac are back again and I’m sure you’ll not complain. I’ve to say,I must confess there’s a pinch of Zenonesque But don’t worry the main sound is “Night-Psy” and “Underground” After this there’s no going back ‘cos your brain is going to crack Charge yourself… [read more]

Renegades (Pixan Recordings) by Renegades One of the distinctive points from our label, in all these years, was to explore the underground fields like the pioneers of the old west to find the gold of the Psytrance innovations. Not following trends but setting them, not experimenting to impress, but to please the dance floor, that… [read more]

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