Psyblasterz by Digital Om Productions Fresh ‘from the press’: Digital Om Productions just releases ‘Psyblasterz’, a v.a. compiled by Lunatica, including artists like Hypnoise, Spectra Sonics, DJ Djantrix, Rezonant Sangoma Rec and more….. Check it out!!!

Quantic Fields by lunatica, hujaboy Hujaboy teams up with Lunatica, energy and momentum are transferred, what we perceive in this track as sonic particles are in fact excitations of the Quantic Fields!

Musicalia by Lunatica Lunatica presents another smasher, a rhythm, a symphony joining forces to form the «Musicalia»

Radio Technology by lunatica OUT NOW on Digital Om!

Find A Way [E.P] by Lunatica Alchemy Records is proud to present the massive new EP by Lunatica: Find A Way. We’ve followed him for years, through twist and turns of the path he chose, watched as he’s explored his soundscape and crafted his truly unique and psychedelic, journeys! Finally, we are able to see… [read more]

Universal Frequencies, Vol. 7 by Various Artists – Digital Om Productions Closing the circle of smashing the year 2018. Digital Om comes back with Vol 7. of their re-releases compilation Universal Frequencies. An exquisite selection of dancefloor smashing hits A must-have for every music listener .. tune in to Universal Frequencies.

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