ILLUMINATI by JAKAAN Another Banging EP by Dutch Powerhouse Jakaan!

Universal Progressions by Digital Om Productions In times when people talk about obituaries about genres and are saying that psychedelic progressive is going dead, we took up Inspiration and challenge to put up a compilation staying true to day time melodic, driving & very groovy progressive vibe.  Universal Progressions showcases some of the very established artists alongside some very fresh talents emerging from… [read more]

Under the Matrix by Alienatic Under The Matrix» by Alienatic, which is also Jakaan’s new sound in collaboration with Stellovic, Full-on Psytrance with a funky twist!!

Universal Frequencies, Vol. 7 by Various Artists – Digital Om Productions Closing the circle of smashing the year 2018. Digital Om comes back with Vol 7. of their re-releases compilation Universal Frequencies. An exquisite selection of dancefloor smashing hits A must-have for every music listener .. tune in to Universal Frequencies.

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