Quantic Fields by lunatica, hujaboy Hujaboy teams up with Lunatica, energy and momentum are transferred, what we perceive in this track as sonic particles are in fact excitations of the Quantic Fields!

Hujaboy has colluded with fellow crafty critters, Braincell & Vertical, to create these two cheeky little monsters.Both of these tunes will take the dance-floor deep into the realms of psychedelia where the creatures of the night like to come out and play.

Southern Lights by Digital Om Productions Faders team up with veteran Israeli legend Hujaboy to bring us this track filled fully of Goa Sounds uniquely placed in between the cutting age bassline and titled Southern Lights.

On his 4th release with BMSS, Hujaboy explores the universe with a magnetizing psychedelic Full On track. His signature rolling saw bass is as fat, full and funky as any lawless crunching space creature after a reckless dinner of dancefloor divas. Vivid animated synths, both mysterious and fictional open up a winding path down which… [read more]

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