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Triple Forms by Vertical & Inverse Out The Finnish collaboration, Vertical and Inverse Out are back with another great single, called Triple Forms.

Different Vibrations by Motion Drive Iono Lounge are pleased to bring forward our next release! Not much introduction is needed when it comes to this creative legend “Motion Drive”. He brings us these two huge tracks: “Different Vibrations” – a great blend between styles that originate from a; gorgeous melody played by sitar instrument and […]

Arcadia by Shadow Chronicles Just shy of 10 years since his last foray into psytrance as Protoculture, Nate Raubenheimer returns under his new guise ‘Shadow Chronicles’ with a breathtaking collection of psytrance anthems. ‘Arcadia’ is a journey through euphoric melodies, driving rhythms and twisted psychedelia, showcasing a darker side to his productions whilst still flaunting […]

Chasing Ghosts by Illumination & Skizologic Future Music Records is proud to present a new massive collab from Illumination and Skizologic.

Perpetual Infinity by Kabayun Future Music Records is proud to present a new single from Kabayun.

Mad Capsule by Venom Future Music Records is proud to present ‘Mad Capsule’ – a new single from Venom

Future Machines by Shivatree Future Music Records is proud to present Future Machines – a new single from Shivatree.

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