Future Abstraction by Desh FUTURE : a period of time that has to come. ABSTRACTION : an idea that develops by looking at or thinking about a number of different things Future abstraction is the last EP by Desh. Desh is the artist name of the Mexican musician Arturo de Shoenestatt Pena Mena. This is… [read more]

Psychedelically Correct by V/A | Pixan Recordings Here we are again with a release! A brand new one that gonna travel all the way around and in between the underground Psytrance styles.We wonder a lot to find a way to describe the label, the sound, the vibe, but at the end we found out that… [read more]

La Danza De Los Planetas by DESH Here we are with something fresh is the new EP of Desh Where the meaning of Psytrance It is all about to dance Yes is true it can sound dark But is also full of sparks So wake up, come on and join us In “La danza de… [read more]

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