Alchemy Records

Paradox (EP) by Disorder

Dose (SINGLE) by Block Device

Tokyo Night (SINGLE) by Cylon & Jano

Quirky Cartoony [EP] by Spectra Sonics

Pieces (SINGLE) by Complicated Alchemy Records is honoured to present Pieces, the sensational new single from our new brother, Complicated. Complicated has been on the scene for years, always bringing a smile and endless passion which he channels into every sound. Now, after a string of blasters out on the likes of Main Stage Records,… [read more]

The Devil Inside [SINGLE] by Sawlead Ground

Paradise On Earth [EP] by Photosynthesis

Find A Way [E.P] by Lunatica Alchemy Records is proud to present the massive new EP by Lunatica: Find A Way. We’ve followed him for years, through twist and turns of the path he chose, watched as he’s explored his soundscape and crafted his truly unique and psychedelic, journeys! Finally, we are able to see… [read more]

Psychedelic Vortex [E.P] by Cambium The newest edition to the Alchemy family, Cambium brings you his massive new EP, ‘Psychedelic Vortex’. Cambium delved deep in to the spiritual chasms of a parallel dimension, to explore the true expressions inside himself and when he returned, the EP was born. Featuring 3 awesome tracks, including his take… [read more]

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