Psygressive, Vol.7 by Various Artists Iono-Music comes up with the 7th edition of their re-release compilation ‘Psygressive’. With Tracks and Remixes by Cosmic-Flow, Yahel, HINAP, Sundose, Sideform, Cosmic Tone, Lyktum, Aioaska and more…..‼️🙏 This compilation is a perfect mix for every iono lover to trip between Progressive and Psytrance! 👽😍🎶❤️

Seratone by Aioaska Out next on Iono-Music is Aioaska with their new track ‘Seratone’. ‘Seratone’ is a storming track with a militant beat, dark bass, deep infectious stabs, insane alien sounds, crazy instrumentation, mesmerizing melodies and features an epic male vocal. The track is filled with outlandish twists and turns which will whip your head… [read more]

Cosmic Carneval by Aioaska feat. Uluru Next out on Iono-Music we have Aioaska featuring Uluru with ‘Cosmic Carneval’. This beautiful rousing track is bursting with goodness – fresh sounds, innovative noises, mesmerising captivating vocals that lift you to another dimension and a drive that will hold you there for the ride of your life.

Psygressive, Vol.6 by Various Artists IONO MUSIC comes up with the 6th edition of our re-release compilation ‘Psygressive’. This one is a perfect mix for every iono lover to trip between progressive and Psytrance!

Human Nature by Aioaska Next up on Iono-Music we bring you Aioaska – ‘Human Nature’. This track is a dreamy delectable tune with elevating lines, uplifting risers and expansive euphoric vocals lifting you to a celestial state. The beat rocks, the bass drives and the instrumentation is seductively sublime – making it impossible to resist!

Energetic Connection by Aioaska & Gipsy Soul Out next on Iono-Music – Aioaska & Gipsy Soul team up and bring you ‘Energetic Connection’. This beautiful floating trancer is invigorating and uplifting like a breath of fresh crisp spring air. The blend of enigmatic vocals, elevating risers, rousing arps and impactful stabs succinctly positioned on a… [read more]

Psygressive, Vol.5 by Various Artists

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