Since 2013-06-01

We are all connected through the same frequency.

We are psychedelic music lovers, festival organizers, musicians, DJs, activists, we are all part of a great international family. Our aim is to provide a nonstop psychedelic music experience for our community and to keep us connected all year long.

Every summer we come together from all corners of the world on our favorite playground in Ozora to meet and share love, listen to magical sounds and resonate together in cosmic unity with the global psychedelic tribe. For more than a week we embrace the perfection of being One, filling up with experiences of celebrating Life and taking a slice of happiness back home with us to cherish throughout the coming year. But we are all connected every day, and with the help of modern day technology we created our meeting point in cyberspace, a year long festival ON AIR for all of us to join while waiting for the real one.

Here at radiOzora you can listen to carefully selected psychedelic tunes on two channels every minute of every day: one for a trance dance experience and one for chilling on meditative waves…

Tune in!

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