Purple Hexagon

Purple Hexagon: Founded in 2008 by DJ Kikx, Purple Hexagon Records is a full-spectrum psychedelic music label that supports and is supported by the passion and enthusiasm of many Psytrance aficionados around the world. Unpretentious and underground, this international grassroots label promotes psychedelic music, DJs and artists, showcasing the diverse talents of many of the party worlds unsung heroes – real and dedicated individuals making massive contributions to their respective local scenes in their own unique and special ways.

Just as mushroom mycelium links the whole world through invisible threads that grow day by day, Purple Hexagon believes that music can act as a bond that develops strong connections and positive friendships between communities and cultures. This can happen anywhere and it is not related to big bucks, binding agreements or to any alternative yet exclusive culture. Just as it happens with mushrooms, the strength comes from below; it is invisible and low-profile, yet strong and supportive.

Purple Hexagon is simply based on music and the infinite possibilities of real people who make it happen, actively sharing their talents and energies to add to the mesmerizing diversity and reach of the global Psystrance scene. Purple Hexagon is a growing network and platform for quality music and artists to find exposure and for happy people to connect through dance and laughter at events around the world, from tiny tropical islands to crowded urban nightclubs.

“Flowers may be highly valued, but mushrooms are the ones who transform waste into edible products that plants and animals can assimilate and re-introduce into the food chain. In doing so, they purify the earth. Mushrooms are the only hope we are not going to be swallowed by our own waste in the near future.”

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