PsyUnity Music

PsyUnity Music was created in 2012 started in Greece during the summer at 22 August for the psychedelic culture, founder is Nick kemi (Eternity Project) Our style is predominantly night time, pumping Psytrance with high quality production. It’s trying to fill the space between Dark and Full on, between night and day.

It is a unity of creative DJs and musicians – explorers of psychedelic music stream development. Label is opened for cooperation and contribution with fresh music ideas, musicians and people interested in music production.
The music can act as a bond that develops strong connections and positive friendships between communities and cultures.
PsyUnity Music created a platform for underground artists to promote and release their music.

●●ρєα¢є Łø۷ℓ Unity яєѕρє¢т & Music!●●
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